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Early College Programs

This page provides information about specific Early College programs available to our students. For background information, please visit our About page.

Meridian High School currently offers two early college programs:

  1. Meridian Early College High School: Available to the classes of 2016 and beyond
  2. The Meridian / Delta Opportunity Program: Available to the classes of 2014 and 2015

Both of these programs provide students with an opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school, and both programs provide students with the option of receiving college support and funding during a "fifth year." The only difference is the depth in which each program is integrated into our core academic program.

Meridian Early College High School

All new students who enroll in the class of 2016 and beyond are automatically placed in our Meridian Early College High School program. For these students, early college is deeply integrated in our core academic program. From the way they learn to their graduation requirements, these students are fully embedded in early college from their first day in our school.

Parents and students can find information specific to Meridian Early College High School in the "MEC Resources" block to the right.

Meridian / Delta Opportunity Program

This program offers a "fifth year" to students in the classes of 2014 and 2015. Participation in this early college program is optional, but does allow us to pay for a year of tuition, books, and transportation at Delta College. To help prepare for the transition to college, students in the Meridian / Delta Opportunity Program participate in book studies, discussions, and tours during their senior year.

Participation in the Meridian / Delta Opportunity Program for the class of 2014 is currently at approximately 40 students. This means that nearly half of last year's graduating class decided to enroll in this program. Enrollment for the class of 2015 closes in September. Please contact Mr. Blahunka or Mrs. Boxey if interested in learning more.

For more information, please contact:


Amy Boxey

Dean of Students

989-687-3300 x3306


John Blahunka

Early College Liaison