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18 mill Non-Homestead Renewal

On November 4, 2014, Meridian Public Schools is asking voters to renew the current 18-mill Non-Homestead millage. This proposal does not impact the taxes on primary residential property; only second homes, investment or rental, commercial and industrial properties are affected. This is not an increase, but a renewal of our current levy.

The Non-Homestead millage makes up about $1.5 million of the Meridian Public Schools $13 million annual budget. Renewal of the Non-Homestead millage is essential; this money cannot be replaced with any other funding source. Even though primary households are not affected, state law requires a district-wide election to approve this millage.
In summary:

  • This is a renewal of the current 18 mills that voters approved in 2009

  • The renewal is for a period of 10 years

  • The tax is assessed against commercial, investment or rental property and second homes

  • This does not impact homeowners primary residence or agricultural property

  • Homeowners in the Meridian school district vote on the renewal

  • The money is used for District operations

  • The money cannot be replaced by other sources


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