Meridian Early College High School is a comprehensive public school offering grades nine through thirteen. As part of Meridian Public Schools, we proudly serve the communities in and around Sanford, Michigan

Big Opportunities Small School

With an enrollment that hovers right around 425, all of our students have ample opportunities to be part of something. We offer a wide range of courses, clubs, and athletic programs. With so much to do, there is something to interest every member of our student body.

At Meridian, people know each other. Our students and teachers work closely together to form relationships that are not possible in larger schools. More advising is possible because of our size, which leads students to a clearer path to post-secondary success. In addition to these benefits, students report feeling safe in our school and are absent less. Teachers report feeling more connected to students and have higher than normal job satisfaction.Most importantly, as a small school, we are better able to maintain our unique professional culture, which research shows is a cornerstone to ensuring student success after high school. Without a strong culture in school, academic work in the classroom falls flat. With a strong cultural backbone, students work harder, their aspirations soar, and more succeed.

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