Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Community Members,

A few years ago, Meridian Public Schools saw it's 50th graduating class walk across the stage at our commencement ceremony. If you were there, you'll recall that we were joined by students from the first graduating class – the class of 1965. Before the ceremony, I had a chance to talk to a couple about how the high school seemed different today than it was 50 years ago. They had a lot to share, to be sure. Then, I asked what seemed the same. They said the community: that being at Meridian High School with parents, students, and teachers still felt like being with friends and family.

I love that about our school.

As we look around the high school, a lot has changed:

  • We now call ourselves "Meridian Early College High School" and offer all students a fifth year. Two-third of last year's graduates participated in this opportunity for a free first year of college.
  • Half of juniors and three-quarter of seniors leave our school each morning to participate in opportunities with one of our postsecondary partners.
  • In the classrooms and informal learning spaces, you'll see that all of our furniture is on wheels to allow flexible use to space to suit different learning needs.
  • Despite the number of students who take courses off campus now, the school is noisier than it once was as teachers teach and encourage collaborative learning.
  • All of our students have laptops and carry fewer textbooks to class. This enables learning to expand beyond classrooms and textbooks and extends opportunities when the school day ends.
  • We've removed some walls and installed a lot of glass to increase transparency about the work that goes on in our classrooms.
  • Teachers prepare for classes in collaborative workspaces we call "Teacher Bullpens."

Yet, the strong feeling of community in our school remains the same.

Every year, I am struck by the continued commitment of our parents, teachers, office staff, and volunteers who ensure our students receive the support they need to be successful. Without such committed adults, we simply couldn't do the things we do to help prepare our students for life after high school.

On behalf of the students of Meridian Early College High School, I thank each and every person responsible for keeping Meridian feeling like family.


Patrick Malley, Principal