District Phone Numbers

You can reach Meridian Elementary School staff members by dialing 687-3500 and entering their extension. If you try to reach us and we are unavailable, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. For your convenience, additional district phone numbers are presented below.

Elementary School(989) 687-3500
Junior High School (989) 687–3360
High School (989) 687–3300
Administration(989) 687–3200
Transportation(989) 687–3249
Food Service(989) 687–3212

Meridian Elementary School Administrative Contacts

Joshua Hook, Principal
Email: joshua.hook@merps.org
Phone: (989) 687–3500 ext. 3496

Sandy Hall, Secretary
Email: sandra.hall@merps.org
Phone: (989) 687-3500

Jared Goff, Assistant Principal
Email: jared.goff@merps.org
Phone: (989) 687-3500 ext. 3267

Staff Email

All Meridian Elementary School employees can be reached by email using the following format: