Meridian Homeschool Partnership

Classes that are offered are subject to availability. Each child’s learning plan is developed by the homeschool parent, student and partnership liaison. Parents retain their homeschool status by engaging in non-core classes.  These classes are also considered nonessential by the Michigan Department of Education.  Homeschool parents teach core academics in the home. Enrollment in program is closed a week before the semesters begins for scheduling purposes.


Parents are required to provide student transportation to and from classes offered due to the various locations of the partnership courses.


Attendance is taken regularly in the physical class setting by the partnership liaison (Teacher of Record) and absences should be limited to necessities such as illness, funerals, etc…

Homeschool Program Partnership/Community Course Offerings

Electives/Nonessential Courses currently offered in the Elementary School:

  • Art – All Students/K-4th Grade

  • Gym – All Students/K-4th Grade

  • Music – All Students/K-4th Grade

  • Drama – All 3rd-4th Grade Students

  • Spanish – All K-2nd Grade Students

Nonessential Courses currently offered with Community Partners:

1st Semester:

  • Visual Arts – Creative 360 (Fridays)

  • Swimming – Midland Community Center (Thursdays)

2nd Semester:

  • Visual Arts – Creative 360 (Fridays)

  • Gymnastics – Freeland Gymnastics Center (Mondays)

  • Nature Education – Chippewa Nature Center (Tuesdays)

  • Swimming – Midland Community Center (Fridays)