Dear Meridian Families and Community Members:


Here is an update on the first phase of the bond projects and additional information related to safety and security upgrades.


Our first phase of bond project work is scheduled to begin over spring break.  The first phase is separated into two different construction projects.  The largest project contains the construction and renovations at Meridian Elementary School and the auditorium and gymnasium at Meridian Early College High School.  This work will begin at Meridian Elementary School next week as crews will be removing the tile in the hallways.  This is necessary to keep us on schedule due to having to add days at the end of the school year. 


The second project of the first phase contains work at Meridian Junior High School, the Administration Building and transportation.  The information below provides the estimated start and completion dates for the first phase of bond work. 


Location and Projects                        Est. Start Date                                Est. Completion Date


Meridian Elementary School

  • Classroom Additions                                  March 25, 2019                            August 2019
  • Interior Renovations                                  June 12, 2019                                August 2019


Meridian Early College High School

  • Gymnasium                                              June 12, 2019                                 January 2020
  • Auditorium                                                   April 15, 2019                                March 2020
  • Maker Space                                                 June 12, 2019                                 July 2019



  • Bus Garage                                               March 25, 2019                             July 2019
  • Office                                                        June 17, 2019                                 October 2019


Meridian Junior High School

  • Band Room                                              June 17, 2019                                 October 2019


Administration Building

  • Renovations                                            August 5, 2019                               February 2020


With regard to upgrades to safety and security, a lot has already taken place this school year.  The first thing that was completed in the summer of 2018 was the installation of a fence around the playground at Sanford Elementary School. In the fall, the district was awarded the Michigan State Police School Safety Grant which totaled around $780,000.  With that grant, we have already started the process of placing window security film on all interior and exterior windows in each school in the district.  In addition, the grant also includes the installation of buzzer systems into each office, interactive public address systems in each building and door boot systems that include other enhanced security features.  This work will take place over the summer months and be completed prior to October.  The district has also been assigned a School Resource Officer (SRO) who is currently undergoing several weeks of training and is expected to be on campus for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.  The SRO will be available to each school in the district. 


With all that said, please excuse our dust for the next several months. 




Craig D. Carmoney

Meridian Superintendent