The Meridian Public School District encompasses the three small communities of Sanford, Hope, and Edenville. Small towns are special places because of the relationships and bonds that are formed by the people who call them home. Community members often see each other at the hardware, Friday night football games, and at the ball diamond as their child takes the field. Whether it's the volunteer fire department responding to a call or a consoling neighbor when tragedy strikes, community members take care of one another. Generations of families create a familiar atmosphere, while new families keep small towns evolving.

My wife and I had the opportunity to raise our family elsewhere, but we chose to come back to this community for the reasons above. Since we both had great grandparents move to Sanford in the 1800's, our children mark the fifth generation to call this home. Our children are also the third generation of Meridian alumni on both sides of the family. As a Meridian High School alumni and a life long resident of Sanford, I am very proud to be the principal of Meridian Jr. High School.

Although it's fun to look back at the past, the MJHS staff is always looking toward the future. This philosophy has moved us forward over the several years as we became the first middle school in the county with one-to-one technology back in 2014. Additionally, MJHS has revolutionized our teaching practices by becoming a Project Based Learning (PBL) school to make learning relevant and to develop our students' 21st century skills. We've implemented a Multi-Tiered System of Support so our students get the support they need to be academically successful. MJHS now has more choice of electives, and we offer more extracurricular activities than ever before. I am very proud of what MJHS has become, and I am excited to see what heights we can reach as we continue to look into the future.


Kent Boxey, MJHS Principal