Type: Public

Grades: Pre-K – 13

Number of Schools: 4

Area of District: 96 square miles

Population: 8,000 residents

Enrollment: 1,350

Number of Teachers: 85

Student : Teacher Ratio: 16:1

Average Class Size K-3: 20

Instructional Days: 180

About Meridian Public Schools

Midland County’s only New Tech school system – educating young people to be ready for college, career, and civic life.

Our District

Welcome to Meridian Public Schools!

Where all students are encouraged to reach higher – expanding and developing their potential to succeed academically and in life.

From elementary through high school, our schools combine modern technology with innovative teaching techniques and a culture of student responsibility – enabling, engaging, and empowering students. Meridian is Midland County’s only New Tech school system – part of a national network that focuses on students’ success from elementary through high school, no matter their chosen fields.

Meridian Public Schools enrolls approximately 1,350 students in grades Pre-K through thirteen* living in and around the communities of Sanford, Hope, and Edenville in Midland County, Michigan. Located just 10 miles to the west of downtown Midland, Meridian is a short drive from Central Michigan University, Northwood University, Saginaw Valley State University, Delta College, and Mid-Michigan Community College.

Meridian Public Schools offers a K-12 (indeed, a pre-K-13) education that goes beyond the traditional school experience to use proven methods of increasing post-secondary success. We do this by:

As the only New Tech district in the area, we offer a uniquely challenging education that sets higher standards – and as students meet those standards, they are set up to succeed.

Why New Tech?

Our district was one of the first in Michigan to embrace the New Tech Network (NTN) model – schools that emphasize technology, innovative teaching methods, and a culture of empowerment/ownership. Meridian High School was first to join when it transitioned to an Early College High School in 2012 and our elementary and junior high schools joined in 2014. We are part of a vibrant network of more than 200 elementary, middle, and high schools in diverse communities across the country and in Australia.

The NTN school model gives all students, regardless of their background or circumstances, an opportunity to succeed. Adopting this model was a very deliberate decision by our school board. Rather than focusing on getting students their high school diploma and out the door, we gear everything we do toward preparing them to thrive after they leave.

Integral to the entire Meridian K-12 experience is a focus on developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills through authentic learning experiences, while fostering a culture of trust, respect, and responsibility. At the same time, we aim to increase access to and fluency with technology among our students and their families – harnessing the power of digital tools to enable learning in a continually evolving landscape. The result, as shown here in our district and across the New Tech Network, is lower dropout rates and greater academic success after high school than at traditional schools.

Pillars for Student Success

Learn more about how these pillars help shape the student experience by visiting any of our school websites, linked below.

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