NAMM Award 2019

Meridian Public Schools has been awarded the 2019 NAMM Best Communities For Music Education Award. Meridian currently offers a band program from grades 5 through 12. The program has been expanding each year.

“Over the last 15 years our band program has grown from 150 students, 5-12 to nearly 400 students.  Our High School Band is comprised of one-third of our student population, grades 9-12” said Band Director Matthew Shephard.

Shephard went on to say “This growth is the result of students not only sparking a love for music, but a love for the culture that the band embodies.  Our students are a family. We spend 8 years of our lives together, showing incredible grit and perseverance as we prepare our music for several performances each year.  The amount of time we spend together outside of the classroom strengthens our bond, allowing each student to feel as they are a significant contributor to a product that is much bigger than themselves.”

As many will confirm, our bands are one of a kind. They put on an amazing show for marching band that gives you goosebumps, and absolutely rocks the house for their concert band. The bands this year received the highest ratings that you can get at a Festival, 1's. All of the bands received these, including the Freshmen and Junior High bands. The hard work that the students put in each day shows. 

Not only does the Junior High and High School have band, but at our Elementary School, Assistant Director of Bands Kaitlin DeRees instructs some of our young learners on the basics of music. From practicing keeping beat with their bucket drums to learning about string instruments with their ukuleles', these students have the opportunity to get their mind interested in music at a young age. 

Meridian congratulates each and every one of our students in band for their hard work this year. Congratulations on the award, students!