Graduation Requirements

All students must earn a minimum of 22 credits to earn a high school diploma: eighteen Michigan

Merit Curriculum credits plus four elective credits.

Students must also fulfill the following requirements before earning a diploma:

  1. Digital portfolio review during the final year

  2. Completion of a senior project

  3. Completion of fifteen college credit hours in 100-level general education and/or technical training courses

  4. Participation in at least one of the following:

    • 4 years of advisory

    • 40 hours of verifiable community service

    • 100 hours of verifiable career exploration, internship, job shadowing, or clinical experience

    • 70 hours of combined community service and career exploration, internship, job shadowing, or clinical experience


Meridian Early College students are recognized by the state of Michigan as 5 year high school students who strives to complete all of the requirements above prior to high school graduation. In some circumstances (e.g. military enlistment, university acceptance or scholarship opportunities, etc.), some students may choose to accelerate their path by applying for early graduation during the fourth year.

Once accepted, early graduate candidates are expected to fulfill all graduation requirements in order to receive their diploma at the end of the fourth year.