The Big Picture


We strive for a future when all students graduate ready for college and career. What we mean when we say ready is that our students should leave us awareeligible, and prepared to pursue postsecondary education or training.

We believe that postsecondary education or training is imperative in today’s economy.

We agree that not all kids need to participate in post-secondary education or training to be successful. But our job is not to make that decision for our students; our job is to develop their capacities, empowering them to make their decision for themselves.


We provide a professional learning environment where students are empowered to be active in school affairs, engaged in challenging school curriculum, and enabled through the use of tools and resources found in today’s work environments.

Our students take a variety of college readiness assessments throughout high school that we use to inform them on their path to post-secondary success.

Once student demonstrate college and career readiness, we provide them with opportunities to participate in learning experiences outside our walls. This provides our students with real-world college and career experiences while allowing us to focus on those still on their path to readiness.


As a school community, we believe that:

  • All students can learn.

  • Students learn in different ways.

  • Not all students learn at the same pace.

  • Failure and struggle is an important step on the path to success.

  • Postsecondary education or training is imperative in today’s economy.


Trust, respect, and responsibility are the hallmarks of our culture at Meridian Early College High School, where students and teachers alike share ownership of the learning experience and school environment.

The following three words can be heard any time we talk about our school:

  • Trust is a two-way street. Do the right thing.

  • Respect is to value everyone. Treat them that way.

  • Responsibility is holding yourself accountable. Get the job done.