Meridian Early College High School
3303 N. M-30 Sanford, MI 48657
43°42'25.0"N 84°22'10.8"W

Some GPS and mapping software may list our physical address at N. Meridian Road. Rest assured that this and M-30 are the same road; both should get you to the same place.

Map & Directions

Meridian Early College High School is located between Sanford Lake and M–30 in Sanford, Michigan.



There are two ways to get to our campus from the north depending on where you're coming from:

  1. From West Branch / I-75: Take M-30 down from West Branch or someplace closer. Our campus is approximately a 45 minute drive south of the M-30 exit on I-75.

  2. From Gladwin / M-61: Take M-18 south through Beaverton to W. Curtis Road. Head east on Curtis until you get to M-30, then head south. Our campus is approximately a half hour drive south of Gladwin and just 20 minutes drive south of Beaverton.


For most people coming from the east, the best way to get to our campus is to take US-10 West to exit 116. At the end of the exit ramp is a roundabout on M-30. Take the first right to head north on M-30. Our campus is just a 2-minute drive from the expressway on the west side of the road.

Other roads that connect with M-30 from the east are Shaffer Rd, Estey Rd, and M-61.


The best way to reach our campus from the south is up M-30, which connects with M-20 and M-46 to the south. If coming from the southeast, our recommendation is to connect with US-10 where it is nearest your location and taking the expressway to the M-30 exit (116).


There are two ways to get to our campus depending on where you are coming from:

  1. From Clare / M-115: Take US-10 East to exit 116 (West Branch / M-30. Head north two miles on M-30. Our campus is to the west.

  2. From Mt. Pleasant / US-127: Head west Down M-20 to M-30, then travel north across US-10. We're just a couple minutes past the overpass on the north side of the road.