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Our School

Welcome to Meridian Early College High School!

Meridian Early College High School is a comprehensive public school encompassing grades nine through thirteen – yes, thirteen! That’s because we encourage students to earn college credits while in high school and take a tuition-free year of college through our partnership with Delta College. As part of Midland County’s only New Tech Network school system, we combine modern technology with innovative teaching techniques and a culture of student responsibility – enabling, engaging, and empowering students.

As part of Meridian Public Schools, we proudly serve the communities of Sanford, Edenville, and Hope, Michigan.

Learn more about our journey to become an Early College High School here.

Who to Call for What?

Reach Higher. Dig Deeper.

With enrollment around 425, our students have ample opportunities to be involved in meaningful ways and experience everything high school has to offer. Not only do we have a wide range of courses, clubs, and athletic programs, students are encouraged to hone budding leadership skills and initiate new programs and activities. With so much to do, there is something to interest every member of our student body.

At Meridian, people know one another. Our students and teachers work closely together to form relationships that are not possible in larger schools. Our small size makes more personalized advising possible, guiding students to a clearer path to postsecondary success. In addition to these benefits, students report feeling safe in our school and are absent less. Teachers report feeling more connected to students and have higher-than-normal job satisfaction. Our schools enable students to reach higher thanks to meaningful learning experiences – in many cases, learning experiences they design themselves.

Most importantly, as a small school, we are better able to maintain our unique professional culture, which research shows is a cornerstone to ensuring student success after high school. Without a strong culture in school, academic work in the classroom falls flat. With a strong cultural backbone, students work harder, their aspirations soar, and more succeed.


Meridian Early College High School is the first school in our district to become a member of the New Tech Network (NTN) back in 2012. Our entire district has since embraced the New Tech model, making us Midland County’s only New Tech system. With Project-Based Learning (PBL) at the core of our instructional approach, we believe we offer outcomes that matter, teaching that engages, a culture that empowers, and technology that enables.

Pillars for Student Success

Each school in our district interprets these pillars for student success in a way that’s appropriate for the respective learners and learning levels.