Help us plan forward for Fall 2020

        Remote Learning for Learners and Families: 

        Computer and Internet Access: 

        • All 9-12th grader learners have school issued laptops for use while school is closed
        • Experiencing issues with your laptop or other technology related questions email: help@merps.org or call (989) 687-3425.
        • Need internet? Fill out the form HERE

        Remote Learning Format: 

        • ECHO, MECHS digital platform, will  continue to provide digital lessons and instructional activities:
          • Need help with ECHO? Check out our ECHO help tutorial videos HERE
        • April 13-June 10th: Learners are expected to check ECHO daily and communicate questions and learning needs with instructors:
          • Faculty can be reached via phone or email. You can view their contact information HERE
        • Zoom will be used to support virtual class meetings and FIT/Office hours:
          • Virtual FIT Schedule can be found HERE
          • Teachers will host weekly office hours and respond to questions outside of the office within 24-hours
        • As a family member, you also have ECHO access. Forgot your log in? Please email help@merps.org for support. 
        • GRADES: SM 2 Grades will be issued by MECHS for each course as follows:
          • 71% and above will be issued the corresponding letter grade*
          • Pass (Credit) will be issued automatically for course grades earning percentages between 60-70%*
          • Incomplete (No Credit) will be issued for course grades earning percentage of less than 60% in the course
          • *IF you would like to receive PASS (credit) INSTEAD of a grade, submit this form here: https://tinyurl.com/mechsgrades2020. As noted above, any percentage between 60-70% will automatically default to a PASS (credit) in the corresponding course.

        Academic Instruction Plan: 

        MECHS 9-11th grade Learning Plan: 

        Food and Meal Services:

        Meals to go for both breakfast and lunch are available FREE to all children 18 and under, regardless of where they live!

        This grant funded program provides breakfast and lunch for days at no cost to your family.

        Meal pick up is available on Monday & Thursday every week: 12-2 PM at Meridian Junior High and 
        4-6 PM Sanford Ele. Early Childhood Center. If neither of the above work, we do deliver by bus (if your family lives in the district). 
        • Sign up HERE bit.ly/merpsmeals

        Family Troubleshooting Tips: 

        Class of 2020 Information: 
        For important communication specific to the Class of 2020, please visit:

        Class of 2020 Learning Plan
        Class of 2020 Communication
        Senior Project Expectations
        MECHS Emergency Closure FAQ

        Additional Resources: 

        Extending the learning beyond the traditional school day creates an opportunity to expand your knowledge and support your academic growth. Interested in learning at home? Check out the links below to challenge yourself today!

        ECHO: Teacher often post "next steps" for student learning. Make sure you check your ECHO agenda for resources and opportunities to support or expand your learning.

        Kahoot: Access learning games, often in the form of a quiz, in a variety of subject areas. 

        Khan Academy: Offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and personalized learning dashboard in the areas of math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. 

        PBS Learning Media : Lessons, interactive, and videos aligned to national standards. 

        Libby App: Access to digital and audio books. 

        IXL: MECHS uses IXL to support classroom learning every day. You can continue this learning at home to grow your math and language arts skills. Forgot your log in? Email help@merps.org