Teaching Learning Center Tutoring 

How Can Tutoring Help Me?

Working together with a faculty member, learners can get help:

  1. Understanding important concepts from your course(s)
  2. Enhanced study skills
  3. Develop strategies to study for tests

Faculty are here to improve your understanding of the subject, not just the current assignment. The focus of tutoring is to support ALL learners in improving their achievement. 

Teaching Learning Center Tutoring Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • Faculty tutors are available on Tuesday-Thursday from 3:15-4:15PM BEGINNING Tues., Dec. 10th!
  • Snacks are provided
  • Transportation can be arranged with advanced notice*

Location: MECHS 302/303

Tutoring Procedures:

  • Sign up HERE to ensure we have proper staffing, food, and transportation
    • Didn’t sign up? No worries, please just drop in!
  • All students will check in and out when they leave the tutoring center.
  • Students may ask to work with a tutor or work independently.
  • Learners can use the Commons to continue working after 4:15PM, but faculty/staff is not available to provide support.
  • Student Code of Conduct expectations apply